Externam pim certifications and process


Certified in Avalon, Anritsu & Kaelus Testing Equipment


TEST PROCESS We have been trained and certified in the necessary tools, materials and measurement processes required to achieve success.

  • MEASURE Measure the beginning PIM level and estimate Distance-to-PIM (DTP) using a portable Avalon PIM analyzer.
  • LOCATE Precisely locate all external PIM sources using a PIM Probe attached to a spectrum analyzer tuned to the IM3 frequency.
  • COVER Temporarily cover PIM sources with PIM blankets to observe the level of benefit that can be achieved.
  • REPAIR Permanently install required products at the locations identified to suppress PIM and improve site performance.
  • REPORT One of our most valuable assets in our partnership commitment to our clients is that we guarantee a quality close-out package within a 48 hour turnaround from the time the field work is completed. 

Certificate # CF20180665

Certificate # CF20180666